Titanium anodising to ISO 8080, has be used for a number of decades in the aerospace and military industries.

Information For Designers


The thickness of the anodic film for titanium is insignificant when anodised to ISO 8080.

Use and Properties

While there are a number of possible uses for titanium anodising, ISO 8080:1985 sets out two common uses:

  • Anti-galling – with a dry film lubricant
  • Limited protection of other metals against galvanic corrosion when in contact with titanium


It is not possible to seal titanium anodising. It is conceivable that you could apply a barrier layer (perhaps a suitable solid film lubricant, paint or lacquer).


Titanium anodising will be easily marked and so it is imperative to handle it with clean gloves. Care must also be taken to avoid contact with methanol and halogenated solvents.


The colour of titanium anodising to ISO 8080 is blue/violet, although the colour may vary depending on the composition of the substrate. Other colours may be achievable, but not in compliance with ISO 8080. This is not intended to be a cosmetic finish.

Specifications Offered

  • ISO 8080
  • BS M 58

We can work to other specifications, but the above are our most popular. Please contact us with your requirements.

DTD 942 has been obsolete for many years and we no longer offer it but ISO 8080 is similar.

RoHS and REACH Compliance

Titanium anodising with sulphuric acid is both RoHS and REACH compliant.