What is Taber Wear Testing?

The Taber Abraser is a machine that tests the abrasion resistance of coated samples on a rotating turn-table, which is subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure.

The wheels are driven by the rotating sample - 'Rub-wear' action is produced by the sliding-rotation of the two abrading wheels against it. One wheel rubs the sample outward toward the edge and the other, inward toward the centre - a vacuum removes loose debris during the test. The resulting abrasion marks form over an area approximately 30 square centimetres. The wheels travel a complete revolution on the sample surface, which reveals abrasion resistance at all angles in respects to the grain of the material.

We use Taber wear testing to ensure the treatments and coatings we provide comply with the relevant specifications, for example MIL-PRF-8625 and ASTM D4060-14, these are our to main specifications but we can work to others.

What we offer

We can test your samples on our Taber Abraser and report the following information for each test:

  • Temperature and humidity during conditioning and at the time of testing
  • Thickness of coating
  • Type of abrasive wheels used and frequency of resurfacing
  • Load applied to the abrasive wheels (per arm)
  • Vacuum nozzle height
  • Vacuum suction setting
  • Number of wear cycles recorded for each test specimen
  • Wear index for each test specimen
  • Mean and range of the abrasion resistance values of the replicate coated panels

The wear index of your sample indicates how quickly and easily your coating will wear.

Specifications Offered

  • MIL-PRF-8625
  • ASTM D4060-14

It may be possible work to other specifications, but the above are our most popular. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to give you a quote